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Lee Valley Inc. Consignment Auction

Thursday February 18, 2016

8:30am - Running 3-4 Auction rings all day!!!

We will update this page daily between now and auction time!!

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All machinery on this auction is subject to prior sale.  Everyone's goal is to sell their machinery,  some machinery will be sold before it gets to our auction site. 

 Lee Valley cannot control what is consigned and sold prior to sale.  See you on the 18th.

 Many more items have been consigned than are listed here. 

This is a Partial Listing!


IHC 1066  Pic#2 JD 4020 & Farmhand Loader    

Hay & Livestock

Spreadall Manure Spreader 20Ton Liberty Stack Mover Fella Disk Mower JD 120 Shredder
JD Loader 148 Loader Bush Hog Batwing CIH 8370 Windrower 38 JD Chopper with Hay Head
JD 660 Rake Kelly Ryan Remix Wagon New Holland Chopper Pic#2 New Idea 486 Round Baler
FarmHand Bale Fork Westdorf Grapple Fork Bale Trailer Hay Buster
Vermeer Rake Schuler 175 BF Feed Wagon JD 3pt Cutter Oswaldt Feed Wagon
Hay Rack Farmhand Loader JD Mounts  Pic#2 Gehl 170 Grinder Mixer  Pic#2   Pic#3 Te Slaa Hay Feeder
Kelly Ryan Feed Wagon Kelly Ryan Spreader H&S Rake New Holland Rake
Silage Grinder  Pic#2 IHC 65 Square Baler IHC Rake  

Grain Handling

Parker 710 Auger Wagon Parker 2600 Gravity Wagon Parker 525 Gravity Wagon Kinze 640 Grain Cart
Demco 650 Gravity Wagon Brent 540 Gravity Wagon Dohrman Gravity Wagon Westfield Auger 13x81    PIc#2
Brent 572 Auger Wagon Demco 650 Gravity Wagon Brent 420 Auger Wagon Peck Auger 10x76
Gravity Wagon Parker wagon Peck Auger 8x31 Westendorf Wagon
80ft Grain Leg Henke Roller Mill Wetmore Grain Cart Peck Auger 10x71  Pic#2
JD Wagon Henke Roller Mill    


Unverferth Header trailer 35ft. IA 30ft. header Trailer CIH 2020 30ft Flex Head  Pic#2   Pic#3 Mauner header Trailer 30ft.
BBK 25ft. Header Trailer IHC 1054 Corn Head  Pic#2 JD 216 Flex Head JD 444 Head  Pic#2

Trucks, Vehicles, & Trailers

2001 Wilson Grain Trailer   Pic#2 2015 D&D Goose Neck Trailer 32ft.   Pic#2 2010 Elite Goose Neck Trailer 25 ft. 2015 Tiger Trailer 20ft. With Ramps
2000 Timpte Grain Trailer 42ft.  Pic#2 Transcraft Drop Deck Trailer  Pic#2 Tiger 20ft Trailer Dozer Trailer  Pic#2
PJ Trailer 20ft. S&W 18ft. Car Trailer 2013 Goose Neck Trailer 28ft.  Pic#2  Pic#3 1969 Goose Neck horse Trailer  Pic#2
2 Wheel Trailer Truck Dolly    

Planting and Cultivating

JD 637 Disk

Great Plains 3000 turbo Till 30ft.

JD 960 Field Cult. 23 ft. JD 980 Cultivator 31ft.

JD 630 Disk 23ft 7in.

CIH 496 28 ft.

JD 960 Field Cult. IHC Field Cultivator

Great Plains 1500 Turbo Till

Blue Jet BT Conquest   Pic#2

JD 80 2 Row Planter Tye Drill 20ft with Grass   Pic#2

JD 726 Mulch Finisher 38 ft.  Pic#2

CIH 330 Turbo Tiller 25 ft. Friesen Seed Tender JD 7000 12 Row Planter   Pic#2
Kent Discovator CIH 3900 Disk 22.5ft. JD 7000 4 Row Planter JD 7100 4 Row Planter
Blue Jet Applicator 11 Shank JD 726 Mulch Finisher 27ftPic#2 Yetter Cultivator Kinze 2200 Planter 10Row Flex Fold Pic#2
JD 630 Disk Blue Jet Cady    Pic#2 IHC Field Cultivator 4300 JD 7000 8 Row Planter 30in.
White 271 Disk IHC 496 20ft. White 6100 Planter 12 Row Welrich Field Cultivator
Massey Ferguson disk 24ft. IHC 496 Disk Bush Hog Cultivator 8 Row JD Drill with Grass
IHC 496 Disk AC Disk JD Drill with Grass  
JD 4 Bottom Plow Bush Hog Disk    

Container 20ft

B&B Sprayer B&B Sprayer 60ft Booms   Pic#2 Orthman Markers
12ft. Box Blade   Schaben 1600 gallon Tank and Trailer Dirt Scraper Buhler 3pt. Blade
JD Running Gear Allied 3pt Blade 12ft Hydraulic  Pic#2 RedBall  420 Hooded Sprayer Storm Shelter  Pic#2
Ag Rain Water Reel  Pic#2 Allied 3pt Blade 10ft.  Pic#2 Fast Sprayer  Pic#2 Dodge Pickup box
Plymouth Blade 3pt blade Skid Steer Snow Pusher 10ft. Box Blade 10ft.
Century Sprayer  Pic#2 1000 Gallon Sprayer Hardi Sprayer Westendorf Running Gears
Coral Panels On Cart Soil Mover Land Roller 95 RF Soil Mover


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