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Lee Valley Inc. Consignment Auction

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8:30am - Running 3-4 Auction rings all day!!!

We will update this page daily between now and auction time!!

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All machinery on this auction is subject to prior sale.  Everyone's goal is to sell their machinery,  some machinery will be sold before it gets to our auction site.  Lee Valley cannot control what is consigned and sold prior to sale.  See you on the 21st.


 Many more items have been consigned than are listed here. 

This is a Partial Listing!


JD 4250   Pic#2 JD 4430 Quad   Pic #2 JD 6430 Premium   Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 9300   Pic#2   Pic#3
  JD 301 I JD 210 LE Loader  Pic #2   Pic #3 JD 2630   Pic#2
JD 5300   Pic #2   JD 4440   Pic#2 JD 8630   Pic #2   Pic #3 Case IH 8370   Pic#2
JD 5625   Pic #2   Pic #3 JD 7700   Pic#2   Pic#3  6405 w/640 Loader  Pic #2 Case 4890    Pic #2
JD 9630T   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 JD 6430 MFWD w/JD 673 Loader   Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 7810   Pic#2   Pic#3 Ford 4400 w/loader
JD 8200   Pic #2 JD 7810 w/Westendorf Loader   Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 7810   Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 4850 MFWD   Pic#2   Pic#3
JD 7720   Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 4450 MFWD  Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 7220 w/JD 563 loader   Pic#2   Pic#3 Case IHC MX230   Pic#2   Pic#3  Pic#4
JD 7810 MFWD w/Loader   Pic#2   Pic#3 IHC 856   JD 8220   Pic#2   Pic#3 Oliver 1750
JD 7810 MFWD   Pic #2   Pic #3 IHC 856 w/Dual Loader sold Sep   Pic #2 IHC 3588  pic2   Pic#3 IHC 3588   Pic #2
JD 4240   Pic#2 JD 4020   Pic #2 MF 8280 MFWD   Pic#2   Pic#3 IHC 5088    Pic #2   Pic #3
JD 4010   Pic#2 JD 4960   Pic#2   Pic#3 Case IH 885 MFWD   Pic#2 Cat 920   Pic #2
JD 4430   Pic#2 JD 4430   Pic #2   Pic #3 JD 4020 LP   Pic#2 MF 283 w/TA 25 Ldr   Pic #2

Hay & Livestock

Hoelscher Accumulator JD 535 Baler NH Grinder Mixer JD 700 Grinder Mixer
JD 348 Square Baler Westendorf WL 42 AC 185 Mts Post Hole Digger NI 5409 Disk Mower
Gnuse Wagon Gnuse Fork Lift JD 3940 Chopper & 2RHead Westendorf WL40 Loader/4020 Mts
Gnuse Bucket Gehl 125 Grinder Mixer JD 741 Loader Leon Spreader
Heston 30A Stacker IHC Loader Stout Tree & Post Puller Donahue Trailer
Heston Stack Mover FH Bale Accum HD 48" Pallet Fork NH LB75 Loader   Pic #2   Pic #3
Donahue Trailer JD 550 Manure spreader NH 354 Grinder Mixer Hesston 30 Stack Mover
JD 158 Loader Donahue Trailer Hesston 1014 Windrower Case IHC 1020 25'
JD Sickle mower Westendorf TA-28 Loader   Pic#2 Vermeer 605XL Baler Circle D 6x16 trailer
Hilllboro 6x20 Gooseneck Westendorf 570 Loader   Pic#2 Hesston 12 wheel Rake Frontier Bucket
Gehl 1410 Manure Spreader Gehl 7810 Skidsteer JD 740 Loader Pull Type Bale Spear
Xtreme XL120 Loader Case Skidloader IHC 96 Rake Westendorf Wl40 Loader
Silage Feeder Wagon 625 Bale Wagon Dual Loader w/IHC Mts JD 800 Windrower
Howse 5' Cutter Water tank on trailer Grapple Bucket JD 158 Loader
JD 48 Loader Westendorf WL 42 Loader Westendorf XTA 700 Westendorf TA-28 Ldr
Vermeer 605F Baler Gnuse Scoop Westendorf Pallet Forks 10 Wheel V-Rake
JD 1525 Windrower Haybuster 256 Plus II JD 740 Loader Case IHC 1250 Grinder Mixer
JD Baler 2 Wheel Skid Loader trailer Vermeer 605F Baler Westendorf XTA - 700 Ldr
7.5 Yrd Soil Mover Apache Feeder   Owatona 330 Skid steer

Grain Handling

Brent 874 w/scale Parker Grain Buggy Peck 8x56 EZ Trail 475 Auger Wagon
Killbros 1200 grain cart Peck 10x66 DDLP Peck 10x71 Meridian 240RT Seed Tender
Kuker Gravity Wagon J&M 875 Cart   Pic#2 Peck 10x66 Killbros 375 & 385 Wagon
Peck Auger 8x56 Peck 10x31 Peck 10x76 JD 1210A Auger Wagon
UFT Grain Cart Parker Grain Wagon Peck 8x31 Gas UFT Auger Wagon
Dakon Grain Wagon Hinson Grain Cart Conveyair Grain Vac Peck 8x61 DD
Kelly Ryan remix Feed Wagon Orthman 608 Grain Cart Killbros 350 Gravity Wagon JD 400 Auger Wagon
Feterl 12x72 Auger Kinze w/scale Demco Gravity Wagon Peck 8x61
Peck 10x66 J&M 750 Grain Cart Wetmore Auger Wagon JD 650 Grain Cart
Peck 12x31 Top Air Conveyor Killbros 1400 Grain Cart UFT 400 Wagon
Peck 12x72 Peck 8x56 McGrain Dryer JD 1210A Auger Wagon
Pr Heider Wagons Westfield MK 10-71 Killbros 490 Auger J & M Gravity Wagon
Triggs Center Dump Wagon Brent Gravity Wagon Gnuse Wagon Farm King Auger 13x85   Pic#2
Ficklin CA 9600 Auger Wagon J & M Gravity Wagon    


Case IH 2188   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4   Pic#5   Pic#6 JD 644 Head Case IHC 1020 Head AC A438 Cornhead
JD 893 head Case IHC 30' 1020 Head   Pic #2 JD 444 Head JD 216 Flex
JD 843 Head & Trailer Case IHC 1640 AC Black Head IHC 715 Combine   PIc #2
JD 920 Flex Head Case IHC 1020 30ft IHC 744 Head IHC Grain Head
JD 893 Corn Head  Pic#2 Case IHC 1020  25ft IHC 844 W IA 430 Head Trailer
JD 890 Cornhead Case IHC 1620 Combine w/844 Head  JD 6257 JD 6357
NI 709 Mule w/767 Chopper  Pic#2 Flex Head JD 543 Cornhead JD 220
NI 846 N Corn Head JD 844 8R 36" Head   Pic#2 Harvest Hand Bale Trailer JD 913 Flex
NI 844 N Corn Head JD 216 Flex  BH Stan-hoist wagons Hesston 30B Stacker
JD6620  w/head JD 922 Flex JD 635F JD 95 Corn Special   Pic#2
JD 925 Flex JD 215 Flex JD 653A & 543 heads IHC 1460   Pic#2
JD 915 Flex Case IHC 1020 Head IHC 20' Platform JD 6620 SH   Pic#2
MF 63-3C Head JD 444 Corn Head Pixal 9R30 Cornhead JD 693
Head Trailer Utility Transport JD 643 Cornhead JD 630F
Gleaner R52 Combine   Pic #2  love the pic! JD 930 F JD 922 Case IHC 1020
AC Bean Head JD 893 Pixal 9R30 Cornhead w/JD units JD6620  Pic#2
AC 6RN Cornhead NI Picker Sheller JD444 Head JD 635 Bean Platform
AC 4RW Cornhead IA Header Trailer JD6620 Combine   Pic#2 JD 643 Head


JD 5010 I Scrapper   Pic #2   Pic #3 JD 27 Flail Shredder Rhino FM100 Bush Hog 13168 Shredder
Cat 920   Pic #2 71/2 yrd Dirt Mover   Pic#2 Front Fenders/JD 8000 2008 Polaris Ranger   Pic#2
Cat D4   Pic #2 JD 450B Dozer   Pic#2 Precision air grainular applic Allied Blade
Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Hyster 150 Forklift  15,000# Allied Blade Snow Blower
Henke Roller Mill BH 277 Shredder 1973 Gooseneck Camper 8' 3pt Box Blade
Dozer Blade JD 717 Shredder Irrigation Pipe Trailer Fenders
10' Hydr tilt Box Blade JD CX15 Shredder 1000 gal Propane Tank Irrigation Pipe Trailer
Bay Forks JD CX15 Shredder Fuel Tank Land Pride 3pt Shredder
Elect Golf Cart BH 8' Shredder JD Shredder 1000 gal Propane Tank
Skid Trailer w/seats JD MX10 Shredder Car Trailer Portable Fuel Barrel
JD 3pt 530-630 Woods 72 Shredder 3pt Blade Land Pride 11' Finish Mower
14 Steel Dump Box Rhino FM72 Shredder Case IHC Sickle Mower Lowe Post Hole Digger
3000 Gal Poly Tank Blue Jet Anhy Machine IHC Sickle bar mower 750 Gal tank & Skid
Perkins 354 Irrigation Motor IA 155 Blade 12' Box Blade Car Trailer
IHC TD 15 Series B Dozer Cat Pallet Fork F12 Box Blade Blue Jet 3pt Caddy
Befco 3pt Blade Gehl 3725 Skid Steer   Pic#2 IA HD9H Blade Pup Trailer
Rotary Ditcher LTD 42-3P Running Gear IA 10F Blade F10 Box Blade
Yard Sport 4x2   Pic#2 Dry Fert Spreader 4 Wheel Car Trailer AC 700 Forklift    Pic#2   Pic#3
Boring Machine   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 Case Sneaker   Pic#2    

Trucks, Vehicles, & Trailers 

1990 Peterbuilt   Pic #2 1979 Chev   Pic#2 1988 Peterbuilt Grain Truck   Pic#2 Herman Fire Truck- Ford 600
1972 IHC Loadstar 1600     Pic #2 1970 Ford C600   Pic #2 1984 Chevy C60   Pic#2 1990 Dodge 250   Pic#2
Chevy Van w/built in shelving   Pic #2  Pic #3 1998 GMC Pickup   Pic #2 1975 Ford 7800   Pic#2 1973 GMC 6000   Pic#2
1996 53' Jet Drop Deck Trailer   Pic #2 1957 IHC 5170 Grain Truck  Pic #2 1975 Chevy C60   Pic#2 1998 Ford Pickup    Pic#2
1976 Ford 600 Feed Truck 1994 Trav A Long Trailer B&B Trailer 1975 L 9000   Pic#2
2003 Chevy 2500HD   Pic#2 Transcraft Trailer 2001 Chevy Suburban   Pic#2 1976 Ford 700   Pic#2
1999 IHC Truck   Pic#2 2008 Wilson Grain Trailer 1971 IHC Loadstar 1700   Pic#2 1999 Timpte 42" Grain Trailer   PIc#2
1992 Ford F350 D w/Utility   Pic #2 1994 Wilson Grain Trailer 1987 Ford F600 Fuel Truck   Pic#2 2001 Park Avenue  Pic#2   PIc#3
1992 F700 Ford Truck    Pic#2 1997 Ford F250   Pic#2 2002 24' Livestock Trailer  Pic#2  Pic#3 1984 Cornhusker Hopper Trailer  
1979 IHC Truck   Pic#2 1970 Ford F700   Pic#2 2009 Wilson Grain Trailer 1978 C60 Grain Truck   Pic #2
2013 H&H cargo Hauler 1981 IHC Truck   Pic#2 1981 IHC S1754  Pic #2  Pic #3 1973 Chevy C65 Grain Truck  Pic #2
1995 Volvo Truck   Pic#2 Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer 1972 Chevy C50   Pic #2   Pic #3 Car Trailer 7x16
1987 Ford F800   Pic#2 Ford 1999 Pickup   Pic#2    

Antique Machinery

IHC Super C   Pic #2 3pt for IHC C IHC Super MTA IHC 140 non runner
IHC M Picker   Pic #2 Wooden High Wheel Wagon  Pic #2 AC-WC IHC A w/mower  non runner
IHC H Whirlwind Terrace Plow JD 530 IHC Super MTA Diesel
JD 420  Pic#2   Pic#3 JD 420 Weight IHC Subsoil JD 5B plow
Farmall IHC M Ford 9 N Massy Harris Plow JD 55 3B plow
JD B IH Super H MM Blade Plow Allis Chalmers 180   Pic#2
JD 2010 IHC Farmall   Pic#2 IHC 706 Farmall JD 2B Plow
JD G Ford Jubilee MF1045 w/Ldr IHC 656 Diesel Utility Hydro
IHC Super H factory all fuel burner IHC w/ archway belly mower JD 2B Plow JD Sod Plow
JD A Ford 2000 RR Car Luggage AC 185
JD 3B Plow JD 2B Bottle Cap Plow JD G JD 3pt fits 40-50-60
JD 3 B Plow JD Lister IHC T9 Dozer IHC M
JD 630 JD 400 LP w/Loader IHC Cub IHC H
JD 2010 MF 165    

Planting & Cultivating

Case IHC 3950 Disk Rome M12 Disk Buffalo 4600 4RW Cult JD 875 Cult
JD 331 Disk JD 3B roll over Plow JD 875 Culti Buffalo 6RN Culti
Glencoe Soil Saver   Unverferth Rawson Zone Till JD 7000 6RN Planter Case IHC 183 12RN
Farmhand 8R Cultivator AH applicator/DMI bar Case IHC 900 4RW Planter Kinze 2600 Planter  Pic#2
IHC 490 Disk IHC 490 Disk JD 7000 12RW Planter JD 4R Planter
DMI 530 Disk Ripper JD 712 Disk Chisel JD 8300 Drill Case IHC 900 Planter
JD 875 Kent Field Cultivator JD 7000 4R Kinze 2200 12R Planter
JD 5 Shank V Ripper Case IHC 4300 FC IHC 900 8RW Planter  
IHC Disk IHC 4-16 Plow    
24.5' Harrow IHC Go-Devil

Spraying Equipment

JD 235 Centerfold Disk JD 726 Mulch Finisher   Pic #2 Haggie High Boy   Pic#2 Terra-Gator 1903 Air Spreader   Pic#2
Krause 490 Disk   Wilmar Dry Spreader JD 6000 60' Boom    Pic #2
    B&B Sprayer 80' B&B Sprayer
    PK Sprayer   Pic#2  


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