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Lee Valley Inc. Consignment Auction

Thursday August 18, 2016

8:30am - Running 3-4 Auction rings all day!!!

We will update this page daily between now and auction time!!

Will be running two rings live online via Proxibid!!!

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All machinery on this auction is subject to prior sale.  Everyone's goal is to sell their machinery,  some machinery will be sold before it gets to our auction site. 

 Lee Valley cannot control what is consigned and sold prior to sale.  See you on the 18th.

 Many more items have been consigned than are listed here. 

This is a Partial Listing!



Antique Machinery

3B Plow IHC 3B Plow JD 3B Plow JD 3020   Pic#2   Pic#3
JD 4020 w/Loader   Pic#2 IHC 806 w/Loader IHC 3B 2pt Plow IHC 656
IHC 706 AC D17 MM VB Special IHC Front End
JD 70 JD B JD 530 JD 520
IHC H Metal Clipper Fanning Mill   Pic #2    

Hay & Livestock

IA Feeder Wagon   Pic#2 IA 625 Bale Wagon   Pic#2 Vermeer R23A Rake Plett Silage Wagon
JD 1518 Shredder Case IHC LBX 331 Baler   Pic#2 Mac Don Disk Mower   Pic#2 Claas Liner 880 Rake
Hay Fork JD 640 Hay Rake IHC 1000 Sickle Mower Westendorf 3pt & Spear
JD 566 Round Baler NH 267 Square Baler Kinze 600 Grain Cart Frontier Sickle Mower
JD 1600 Windrower 3pt Shredder Oswaldt 250 Feed Wagon 3pt Shredder
16' Hay Rack JD 535 Round Baler Case IH 8380 Windrower JD 38 Chopper
Hesston Stack Mover JD 40 Manure Spreader Kelderman Wheel Rake IHC Manure Spreader
JD Chopper JD Chopper 2R Cornhead JD Chopper Hay Head IHC 1200 Sickle Mower
Case IHC 8460 Round Baler JD 350 Sickle Mower JD 335 Sickle Mower Hesston 3900 Side Delivery Rake
Gehl 980 Silage Wagon Gehl 970 Silage Wagon Koyker K5 Loader with Grapple Arts Way 5165 Grinder Mixer

Grain Handling

Peck 10x56 Parker 5250 Gravity Wagon Brent 420 Grain Cart Peck 10x71
Parker 4000 Gravity Wagon Automatic Corn Roller Ficklin CA 9600 Grain Cart Peck 10x31
Buhler 1070 Auger Killbros 1160 Grain Cart Brent 674 Grain Cart Killbros 1160 Grain Cart
Sudenga Drive Over Pit NH 354 Grinder Mixer Brent 450 Gravity Wagon Brent 1740 Weigh Wagon
Dohrman 500 Grain Cart JD 100 Stacker Peck 8x26 Auger Bulk Seed Tender
Batco 1535 Belt Auger REM 2700 Grain Vac    


Case IHC 1083 Case IHC 1020 Combine Head Trailer JD 5RW Cornhead
JD 844 Case IHC 2208   Pic#2 IHC 820 Head NH 116 Windrower
JD 843 Head   Pic#2 JD 844 JD 893 JD 843
JD 930 Flex   Pic#2 Agco Flex Head Case IH 1064   Pic#2 Case IH 3408
JD 643 Cornhead IHC 1044 Cornhead Case IH 1063 Cornhead IHC 8R Cornhead
JD 220 Beanhead JD 213 Flexhead JD 693 Cornhead  

Trucks, Vehicles, & Trailers

1992 Ford Auger Truck   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 1979 C70 Chevrolet   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 1979 Ford L700   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 International Truck
Wemco Header Trailer Head Trailer Dry Van Trailer HK 35' Gooseneck Trailer
Irrigation Pipe Trailer Fairbanks Nurse Tank    


IA 140R Road Grader   Pic #2 IA 165 3pt Blade IA HD94 3pt Blade IA 12F Box Blade
IA F10 Box Blade IA F12 Box Blade JD 866 Blade   Pic#2 Pallet Forks
JD 740 Classic Loader Westendorf TA 26 Loader Allied Farm King Blade 3pt Backhoe
NH Blade 3pt Blade JD Dozer Blade  
Allied 3pt Blade      

Planting and Cultivating

Blue Jet BT Conquest Blue Jet BT Conquest 13S GP YP162S 15" 31R Planter   Pic#2   Pic#3   Pic#4 Strobel 12'  Grass Seeder
Blue Jet Anhyd 13S Blue Jet BT Anhy JD 1010 Field Cultivator   Pic#2 IHC 32' Field Cultivator
Blue Jet Anhyd 13S Blue Jet Anhyd Crust Buster 3400 15' Drill IH 5100 Grain Drill
Blue Jet Anhyd Land Walker Blue Jet 17R Applicator 32' Wheelrich Cultivator JD 7000 8R Planter
Case IHC 496 Disk   Pic#2 Glencoe Soil Saver Hiniker 5000 8R30" Culti IHC FC
Brillion 15' Packer Case IH 3900 Disk    
White 598 5B Plow Case IH 496 Disk    
7 Shank Ripper Blue Jet 20' Disk    
IH 20' Disk Blue Jet 3 Shank Ripper    
M&W Earthmaster 6R Rolling Stalk Chopper    
JD 330 Disk IHC 496 Disk w/ Harrow    
Blue Jet 20' Disk      
B&B Sprayer Polaris 300   Pic#2 T-Jet 844 Sprayer   Pic#2 Irrigation Pipe Trailer
Ag Synergy Tool Bar 3pt Spray Boom JD Suitcase Wts Kidney Lube Machine
Freon replacement & recharge unit 1000 Gallon Tank Pr JD Weights Pickup Flatbed
Fiberglass Truck Utility Body 500 Gallon Fuel Tank on Trailer    


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